The Vineyards

We are fortunate to work with a variety of vineyards and winegrowers each year and will be adding more vineyard details to the page soon. Our goal is to find vineyards in different AVAs and micro-climates so that each single vineyard bottling will reflect a true sense of place. Each vineyard is different, each wine is different. This is the joy of winemaking!

Adams Vineyard
Chehalem Mountains AVA
Adams Vineyard was planted in 1976 by Peter and Carol Adams in the very beginning of Oregon’s wine evolution. The vineyard sits on the south side of the Chehalem mountains at an elevation of 400 feet . The soil is jory clay loam and Willakenzie and is now planted with Pinot Noir clones including Pommard, 667, and 777. Managed expertly by Stirling Fox, this site produces some of the most distinctly “Oregon” flavors we have encountered.

Our Adams Old Vine Reserve bottling is comprised of the oldest block of self rooted Pommard that remains from the original plantings in 1976. Being the first vineyard we worked with in 2005 when we launched Artisanal Wine Cellars, this vineyard is near and dear to our hearts. We cut our winemaking teeth on these beautiful grapes and they have treated us very well.

Dukes Family Vineyards
Amity Eola Hills AVA
Pat and Jackie Dukes consider themselves to be conservators of the land. As such, they use low impact and ecologically sound sustainable practices in farming their vineyard, minimizing chemical and fertilizer use. Planted between 1996 and 2006, their vineyard sits on the back side of Walnut Hill at the north end of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. The south facing slope ranges in elevation from 260 to 560 feet. The primary soil types at Dukes are Willakenzie clay loam of sandstone origin and Yamhill silt loam of volcanic origin and the depth of flavors produced by these vines is truly astounding. It is a joy to work with winegrowers who have such passion and integrity in all they do.

Murto Vineyard
Dundee Hills AVA

Mike and Robin Murto are true lovers of Oregon Pinot Noir. They planted their vineyard in 1978, emerging as one of the premier Oregon vineyards. The vineyard lies on a south facing slope in the Dundee hills ranging in elevation from 400 to 700 feet. The soil is red Jory and the Pinot Noir clones include Pommard, Wadensville, and 115. We had followed Murto for years, being completely enamored by the single vineyard designation produced by Belle Pente from this vineyard. We know we are blessed to be able to work with this magical fruit.